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About DCConnect Global Limited

In 2016, as network innovators, DCConnect had a vision to enable their customers to unburden themselves from operational restrictions and constraints of traditional telecom services and access Cloud providers or Data Centers in China with an On-Demand, agile and cost effective network solution.

Two years later, in March 2018, DCConnect’s vision had been achieved with their implementation of the first truly fully meshed architecture SDN network fabric with over 100 PoP’s in China. This followed very quickly with the launch of the User Interface Customer Portal allowing the customer to control their bandwidth requirements via unique on-demand technology providing the agility and scalability of bandwidth within seconds.

DCConnect’s solution was further enhanced and extended by the implementation of PoP’s in Hong Kong which provide their customers, via selected partners, access to over 10 global Cloud providers and over 150 PoP locations around the World.

With profound experiences in telecommunications, software and cloud services, the DCConnect Leadership team are determined to continue to develop innovative solutions to enable customers to enjoy utilising DCConnect network services for many years ahead.

DCConnect is privately owned by its directors, staff and private equity company Forebright Capital Ltd. in China (before its spin-off in May 2014, had operated for more than 10 year under China Everbright Limited, a state-owned enterprise listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, as one of the earliest teams investing in China) and has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.


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